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I can’t thank James and Parker enough for all their hard work.  
They did a wonderful job removing a bunch of old furniture out of our house.  
They also did a beautiful job repairing and staining our two decks. Our decks have never looked so good. Their attention to detail is great and they are Perfectionists. They both did the jobs as if they were doing it at their own home. There was no mess after to clean up when they finished. Everything was picked up clean and neat. Their prices are very affordable and their professionalism to us as customers is something you don’t find very often. I definitely recommend them for any project. I told them that they will now be my handy man. It is nice to finally have a contractor that you don’t have to watch over to make sure that things are getting done the way we asked. Thank you again James and Parker for a job well done. We are so very happy with the job.


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